Thursday, 15 September 2011

Regional/National Stereotypes!

Although we are generally taught that stereotypical behaviour is not correct or polite and on opposite rather rude and discriminative, Media and Film consist on a variety of different stereotypes. In this post I am concentrating on Regional and National Stereotypes. In the pictures above I have shown a variety of different stereotypes of this topic. For example a fat American man with a burger, represents the way many American men are owerweight due to their liking of junk food. There is a french man in a beret holding a baguette, which represents how this a typical headwear for many french men and how french are known for their love of bread. There is a german man with a beer, as they have a lot of beer in germany. There is an indian woman with a headscarf, which is worn by many indians due to religious beliefs. There is a leprecon with a beer, which plays with irish legend and the famous Guiness beer. There is also a mexican in their traditional hat-Sombrero. There is also a russian man wearing a lot of warm clothing, as everyone usually associates Russia with very cold weather. There is a scottish man in a kilt, which reflects their tradition and finally a spanish man representing a bull fighter, which Spain is very popular for. The important thing to remember that these images are not representing all of the population for those images, as there are for example a lot of americans who have a very healthy diet or a lot of germans who don't drink at all. However the fact that we are instantly able to recognize a country from those images, makes them sterotypes, as they portray the image that people are used to create their associations from.

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  1. Good - but I thought you were going to write something about how these stereotypes are constructed... never mind, in future remember I'm always more interested in your ability to analyse than your ability to copy and paste images.