Thursday, 22 September 2011

Analysing Camera work and it’s constructed representation of age in the „Monarch of the Glen” clip.
The scene starts with a dolly shot, so the audience can fully appreciate the hard, adult, labour work that the men are doing. Camera pans across the yard and medium, long, over the shoulder shot is used to establish the location of two youngsters and establish costumes. The casual clothing represents young age of the girl. Dolly shot goes into a close up of the girl sitting in the car to show the confusion on her face, as because of her young age, she doesn't know a lot about cars. A high angle wide shot is used to show the setting, as the young, inexperienced girl crashes into another car. Medium long shot shows the old headmaster and the crashed cars in the foreground, putting forward the conflict between young and old, and also highlighting the older age through costume and beard.
Pan/tilt shot is used to show the height difference between the girl and the man. The eye-level close up of the girl manipulates the audience into feeling sorry for her. The two shot also highlights how the older woman cares about and protects the young girl. A slightly low angle makes the men in their two shot look controlling and powerful. Another eye-level medium close-up is used ti out the audience into her vulnerable position. High angle, medium close up of the man shows how he is older and has power over the girl.
An establishing wide shot shows countryside with sheeo to emphasise the location. The use of rainbow increases the mood of the scene and the audience. A series of mid shots and close ups again show the adult hard work with tools. Tilt shot is used to reveal the close up of the two notes the girl leaves behind. Then pan is used to show the teddy bear. The pink, girly writing and the toy also help to express the young age of the girl. Slow zoom into a photograph on the mirror is used to emphasise the emotions of the girl; her being upset, over-reacting and packing to run away also indicates her young, teen age. Tult goes into the camera looking throught the door with a long show of the woman, giving the audience girl's feelings of being on the outside. Medium close up shows emotions of the woman putting emphasis on her age, as she acts like the girl's caring mother.
High angle, over the shoulder shot of the man puts the audience into his perspective. The following of the close up on his face, shows him feeling guilty about the girl. This also refers to the age, as he is portrayed as older, father-like character.

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