Monday, 26 September 2011

How does Editing help to construct the representation of disability in the Diary of a Call Girl clip.

      Continuity editing is used throughout the clip, to make the clip  more realistic and tghe editing more invisible for the audience. Hard cuts and shot-reverse shots are use to emphasise the conversation between the father, disabled son and the woman. The use of them helps to create awkwardness as the woman does not know whether to look at dad or the son. The awkwardness surrounding the disability is also highlighted when the close up of woman looking at the disabled boy cuts into the eyeline match medium shot of the father. The transitions also cut from high and low angle from point of view of the woman and the boy, highlighting that he is lower as he is sitting in a wheelchair. Two match on action of father picking his son up from the wheelchair and putting him on the bed, shows a seemless action, but also indicates the the disabled boy is helpless. Another eyeline match of the boy laying on the bed and looking at the woman locking the door, draws attention to the vulnerability feelings that he has. Short-reverse shot expresses quick pace and short dialogue conversation, which also shows the awkwardness due to disability, as there are a few silent moments.
     There is a cross cut from the boy and woman to the father and his van outside. Eyline match showspoint of view shot of the father looking at the house and the windows, showing how anxious the father is feeling about his son due to his disability and this also highlights tenderness in their relationship. There is a series of jump cuts of father's fidgity actions in the car, indicating his restlessness due to being worried about the boy. Match on action cuts of woman touching the boy and her helping him to take his shirt off, shows that although the situatoin is awkward, the woman is trying to get over it. Also the disability is representes through woman's slow and careful movements when she has anything to do with the boy.

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