Monday, 19 September 2011

Analysising Mise en Scene and it’s constructed representation of age in the „Monarch of the Glen” clip.

Throughout the clip natural key lighting was used for the outside scenes. Low key lighting was used for the scenes inside with adults, emphasising their age through dislike of very bright light.
In the beginning of the clip we see men with tools of hard labour, enhancing their adult work which is not for young people. We see adults wearing smart workwear costumes, while youngsters costume is casual. This shows how the age difference influences fashion opinions and style and how costume plays an important role in identifying and showing the age difference to the viewers. The audience can see that the girl does not know a lot about cars and driving through her shy body language. Therefore in this scene, car is a very important prop, because it helps the audience divide the adults who drive with the young girl, who didn't have an oppertunity to learn about driving yet.
We can see recognize the headmaster through his smart clothing and his old age is also shown with style of beard and hair. The shaking and hiding behind others shows that the girl is young and childish. The older woman is blocking the girl, which shows the contrast between older age and youth, as the adult character protects the younger character. The office with wooden panelling and the style of interior represents old room that belongs to an old person. Brandy in decanter emphasises that the room is not ment for young people. 
 The girl running away shows that she is an immature child. Having the man order her around and telling her off before she ran away, establishes the age difference between them making him look like a strict parent. There is another scene showing men with tools, working hard and doing work that requires older age and experience that comes with it. In this scene the props in the form of tools are also very important, as they halp to establish the age difference by making the audience see that they are not the sort of things that would be used by young people.
Teddy bear, magazinez, pink lanters and writing with flowers make the girl seem feminine and childlike also putting emphasis on the colour pink being only for youngsters. Woman’s running shows she is worried and caring creating a mother-daughter relationship between her and the girl.

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  1. A fairly sound analysis. I'm not sure about adults 'disliking' bright light, it makes us sound like vampires or gremlins!.. To improve on this you need to use the terms props, costume, make-up, blocking etc. Doing so will earn you more marks in an essay.