Monday, 14 November 2011

Technical Convergence and Attack the Block.

1. Production!

This is probably the least important stage in terms of technical convergence, however it is still important in order for the film to work successfully. At the stage of production technical convergence in the form of mobiles, laptops, pads etc. is used by the creative and production crew in order to stay in touch and communicate with each other. Electronic organisers are also used in order for people to remember where they need to be at certain times.

2. Distribution!

At this stage, technical convergence is used for the marketing campaign. It will rely on several things in order to make the film more successful. Mobile phones will be used in order to have advertisements being sent through sms. As well as that, having internet on mobile phones means all of the websites with trailers, official websites and social networks with advertisements are accessible in that way as well. Then there are ofcourse the main computers, laptops and pads. The internet on them also enables the audience to access trailers, official websites, social network pages, interview videos, information and reviews and that is all used to promote the film, give people more information and get them more involved so at the end they are more likely to spend money to go see the film or buy merchandise. This is all part of digital distribution. Another very common way of it are trailers in the cinemas. Attack the Block has several trailers, interviews, posters, official website and social network pages that are accessible.

3. Exhibition!

The final stage is exhibition and this is all about digital projection. This is the stage when the fiolm gets released in the cinemas and people pay money to go see it. However technical convergence involves other ways of exhibiting a film. A lot of people can not afford it, so they choose to purchase cheap, lower quality pirate versions. Others are even more illegal and sneaky and they manage to even download it or watch it online for free. People who prefer to spend their nights indoors and want to see a new film can purchase it through payperview, for example on Sky. Finally, the true fans of the film, the people who missed it in the cinemas or just people who see it on the shelves; purchase it in the form of DVD and Blue Ray. Technical convergence also involves some films being released as games and people buying them. Attack the Block was released on Blue Ray and DVD and a game for it was also released in the App Store.

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